Release 13.60

XYplorer 13.60 has been released on 02-Jan-2014. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Named Drives. Now you can specify paths using their name (Volume Label) instead of the drive letter. This allows you to reference removable drives regardless of the unpredictable drive letter that the host system might assign to the drive.

For example, set the volume label of drive C: to "Lemon". Now enter the path "Lemon:\Users\Don\Pics\Rock" through the Address Bar.

Voilà, the drive is correctly resolved. (Click to zoom)

Note: For Named Drives support you have to tick Configuration | Controls and More | Miscellaneous | Support volume labels in paths.

Navigation Buttons. Now the Breadcrumb Bars feature optional Navigation Buttons. Makes space in the main toolbar and reduces your mouse movement.

Well, here they are.

You can toggle those buttons via the Breadcrumb Bar's right-click menu.

Find By Hash. Now you can find files by their hash value (MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, CRC32). Useful for spotting duplicates or locating malware.

Let's assume you know the MD5 of a file and its approximate size (smaller than 400 KB). Is that enough to find it? Yes. If you have XYplorer and know how to do it then the MD5 alone would be sufficient to find the file (or files). But with that additional size information the search will run much faster because many unnecessary calculations can be avoided.

In the screenshot below the following Boolean expression has been entered directly through the Address Bar (see Help for syntax details):

?:size: < 400KB AND prop:#hash.md5:b0d99504643900e50d6ca7fbe952b8c0

We found a couple of identical files with different names. (Click to zoom)

XYplorerFree. The XYplorer Free Edition is back! After a break of 7 years there is a freeware version of XYplorer again. No nags, no ads, no hassle. It won't make coffee though...