Release 23.80

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XYplorer 23.80 has been released on 24-Nov-2022. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Multi-User Tagging. Significantly improved and reinforced to withstand fast-acting, high-impact environments on shaky networks.

    Nothing to say and nothing to do, it just works.

    In case you don’t know what tagging is.

    By the way, in the screenshot above, the tree was hidden with F8.

  • Access Control. Many additional user access control options to increase corporate security in a multi-user tagging context.

    Access control works via a special Admin.ini file that only administrators can change and that all mortal users must obey. It’s a dream.

    For details see Help (F1) | Admin Settings.

  • Batch Renumbering. Now you can easily update numbering in files with serial numbers.

    Suppose you have some files with outdated serial numbers and you want to renumber them in their current order. This can now be easily done using the new Overwrite Syntax (see Help for details):

    Outdated serial numbers.

    Select all files you want to renumber and press F2 to open Batch Rename. The rename pattern you want to use with our sample files is DSC<#00001> |*:

    Enter the rename pattern DSC<#00001> |.

    Now click the Preview button to see what will happen:

    Looking good.

    Now click the Rename Now button to get the job done:

    Job done.

    If the numbers are appended (Apple DSC00555.jpg, Banana DSC00004.jpg, Kiwi DSC05678.jpg) use the pattern *| DSC<#00001>.

  • RAW Photo Preview and Thumbnails. Faster. Much faster.

    Nothing to say and nothing to do, it just works.

  • App Icon. Back to the old icon. It’s just too iconic to be replaced.

    Iconic icon.

  • Many Other Improvements. See change log (about 1.5 MB).