Release 24.80

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XYplorer 24.80 has been released on 09-Aug-2023. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Tree Section Colors. Optional custom text and background colors for different sections of the tree help you find your branch in a huge tree and instantly recognize where you are. It’s all about quick orientation.

    Toggle Tree Section Colors at Tools | Customize Tree | Show Section Colors.

    Pro Tip: The same menu can by shown by Shift+right-clicking anywhere in the white space of the folder tree.

    Here are the default section colors compared to no section colors:


    Tree Section Colors enabled versus disabled.

    As you can see, five sections can be individually colored: Special Folders, Drives, Portable Devices, Recycle Bin, Network. The colors are fully customizable, see the help file for details.

    Note that the real power of section colors is only apparent in large trees with many deep nodes.

  • Quickly Select the Item. You can now toggle item selection in the file list by Ctrl+left-clicking any cell in the row, even if Full Row Select is off. This makes it easier to select (deselect) items in a very wide list, especially when the Name column is scrolled to the left out of view.

    The 2nd item in the list was selected by Ctrl+left-clicking on the row. You can see that it is selected by looking at the status bar, and also by noticing the gray background color (which comes from enabling Tools | Customize List | Highlight Selected Rows).

    The 2nd item in the list is selected.

  • Quickly Spot the Name. You can now hold CTRL while hovering over any cell other than the Name cell and a tooltip will show the name of the item. Quite useful if that name is currently scrolled to the left out of view.

    The Name column isn’t visible (scrolled to the left out of view), but Ctrl-hovering the row shows the item name in a tooltip:

    The tooltip reveals the truth.

  • Expansion Icon Chevron. A new expansion icon, the Chevron, is now available for the folder tree. It’s also the new factory default.

    Toggle Show Expansion Icons at Tools | Customize Tree | Show Expansion Icons.

    Pro Tip: The same menu can by shown by Shift+Right-clicking anywhere in the white space of the folder tree.

    Expansion Icon "Chevron".

    Tip: Ctrl+Right-click any tree expansion icon to show a menu that lets you quickly change the expansion icon. The previous factory default expansion icon was "Plus Minus Flat":


    Changing the Expansion Icon to "Plus Minus Flat".

  • Many Other Improvements. See change log (about 1.5 MB).