Release 25.00

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XYplorer 25.00 has been released on 26-Sep-2023. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • The Glider. The Glider is a floating, context-sensitive mini toolbar in the folder tree that magically appears at your mouse pointer, offering buttons for the most common file management operations: Copy, Move and Paste. It’s like drag and drop without the dragging. Fully customizable. A game changer when it comes to manually organizing files into folders.

    How to turn it on

    Toggle the Glider at Tools | Customize Tree | Show Glider.

    By the way, the same menu can by shown by Shift+right-clicking anywhere in the white space of the folder tree.

    Where is it?

    The Glider appears when you stop the mouse in the so-called hover zone. It will never appear while the mouse is moving.

    The hover zone is set by default to the right edge of the tree, with a width of 4 times the scrollbar width. This setting can be easily changed using the Glider’s right-click menu.


    Here you can see the Glider in action. Just one click to move a bunch of files to a specific folder. No drag-and-drop, no copy-and-paste, no need to go to the destination folder. You stay where you are.

    Copying files using a vertical Glider.


    Virtually everything about the Glider is customizable from its right-click menu. You can decide where it appears, when it appears, and how it appears.

    Configuring the Glider from its right-click menu.

    See the help file for details.

    Usage Tips

    To display the glider buttons vertically, select 1 for Buttons per Row.

    If you’re about to use the Glider to move a bunch of files to different tree folders, your task will be streamlined if you show just that one Glider button (Select Buttons... / Move selected items here) and make it appear directly under the mouse pointer (Hover Zone / Snap to First Button).

    The Move button (size Extra Large) appears directly under the mouse.

  • Many Other Improvements. See change log (about 1.5 MB).